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Armstrong Jones Financial Passagesby Paul Fyfe and Lenise Webster

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Your Retirement Action Planner, from the Office of the Retirement Commissioner on 0800-45-65-85. Includes a series of worksheets that let you answer questions such as how much you’ll need in retirement, and how much you’ll have to save to get there.

Also some more general advice on money management. Financial Passages, by Paul Fyfe and Lenise Webster, from funds management company Armstrong Jones on 0800-PASSAGES (0800-7277-2437). Looks at the six stages, or “passages” of life, and the financial issues you are likely to face at each stage.


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The Facts of Life: What every woman should know about money

Craig's Books and Articles on Money Management

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The Richest man in Babylon by George S Clason

Accounting beats early retirement and pina colada in the sun: Matt Heath


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Enable me: Are You Ready For Better? Where to Start to Make 2021 a Better Year

Enable me: Are You Ready For Better? Where to Start to Make 2021 a Better Year

Maneuvering Gains: 2021 Stock Lookout

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Following the steps and guidance of those like Benjamin Graham is pivotal. Mixing these experiences with your own style, there you have it. You! Regardless of the differences in Humans, we can all relate to a couple things…Happiness and Money! Lending a hand and moving right along, today is geared with the focus on shaping your portfolio for the New Year. Remember, this is no exact placement, nor do I claim to exactly know this market, How about we take a look at a few, emotions tucked deep, using research and some key widgets can place some solid additions to your gains.

Apogee Enterprises Inc (APOG): Developing glass and glass solutions,Apogee has no problem balancing their revenue and working inside a niche-type field. Peer comparison is unmatched, but it is predicated on how the income sheet and balance sheets were intercepted and managed. Seeing…

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Sharesies co-founders on their mission to democratise investing